Helping Christian Entrepreneurs Reach the Right Goals Faster! 


Are you Frustrated with Friction Between
Business Goals & Family Priorities?

•Are you creating the traction and economic growth you desire?
•Is your calendar overloaded with too much clutter and low-value activity?
•Do you have the freedom to enjoy the success you’ve already created?


• Does your level of health and fitness accurately reflect your ambitions?
• Are you pleased with your team and your capability to effectively delegate?
• Are you as intentional with your spouse and children as you want to be?


We know how difficult it is to run your business and career at the highest level while still leading your family and keeping your personal priorities in order.

Unfortunately, the most common approach to this challenge is to just try harder and “wing it,” but this usually comes with a high cost!

What if you could…

Success Is Not An Accident! You need a plan.

What makes this online course different?


    GamePLAN for Life (GPFL) is a focusing system based on three decades of actual marketplace use by seasoned entrepreneurs in virtually every industry.


    GPFL addresses a higher level, leader mindset for those who have control over their time, budgets, and relationships. It is not suitable for most middle managers and corporate execs in large organizations.


    GPFL incorporates super learning principles throughout for enhanced retention of course content.


    GPFL is anchored in Christian values and is delivered from that perspective. This should not deter those with differing religious beliefs but we wanted to let you know ahead of time.


    Coach Tommy Newberry delivers GPFL with a blunt, no-nonsense style, and like any good coach pushes you to cut your excuses, take action, and produce results. No virtual coddling or hand holding here.

Tommy Newberry:

Your Virtual Coach & Mentor

With GamePLAN for Life, entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author Tommy Newberry becomes your virtual coach and mentor. His field-tested, repeatable focusing process has been refined through The 1% Club for over three decades benefitting more than 1000 entrepreneurs and business leaders…along with their families.

Now, this system, becomes your system, providing you the “template” to organize your weeks to avoid distractions and diversions…staying focused on reaching your most important goals across the critical life areas. With GamePLAN for Life, you will not only tap into Tommy’s insights, you also become the beneficiary of the best practices and success strategies of his long-time, top 1% clientele as well.

Tommy Newberry has been married to Kristin for 26 years and is the father of three boys.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to identify, shape and transform who you are becoming as a person.
  • A mental workout that reveals where you really are across each area of life.
  • How to get unstuck and unlock your potential consistently, not just sporadically.
  • Two quarterly projects that will slash stress and accelerate achievement.
  • What it takes to shut out distractions and fully harness your attention toward meaningful goals.
  • A simple system for zeroing in on and nurturing your most valuable business relationships.
  • Our field-tested 7 step focusing process that keeps you hyper-focused for 90 days.

GamePLAN for Life is an extensive online coaching program that helps you:

Our Plan Becomes Your Success System

This innovative and all-digital resource reflects the first phase, or foundation, of Tommy’s entrepreneurial coaching system and introduces his formula for reaching the right goals faster.

Imagine What You Could Accomplish With A Proven System That Keeps You Focused on Your Highest Payback Activites:

  • Substantial Net Worth Gains
  • Closer & Stronger Marriage
  • Healthy Mind, Body, & Spirit
  • Greater Margin for Rejuvenation
  • Full Engagement & Influence with the Kids
  • Confidence to Set Bigger Goals
  • Freedom to Enjoy Life on Your Own Terms

We Love to See Our Clients Win!

“I see the impact of the program in every area of my life. I feel that I am operating at the top of my game, and I couldn’t have done it without your game plan.”
Bert C | Wealth Management

“I just wanted to let you know how valuable the program has been to me both personally and professionally. It provides a great “launching pad” for helping anyone realize their dreams. I am most excited about the amount of time I actually spend with my family versus before I started the program.”
Bob W | Commercial Real Estate

“I have achieved personal and professional goals
that at one time in my life I would have
considered unachievable.”
Jim B | Supply Chain Consulting

“Because of your program, I now awaken at 4:30 and am full of enthusiasm and excitement for the day ahead… My sales increased by 141% from the year before! I am in great health with an incredible exercise program, my commitment to the community is stronger than ever and, now that I am an ‘on-purpose person’ I have more free time than I could imagine.”
Barbara E | Residential Real Estate

YES! You Can Out-Perform Your Previous Best!

Key Lessons

Draft a compelling and motivating Personal Mission Statement so that you will pursue the optimal goals and leave an impactful legacy.

Bluntly evaluate your progress to date with our Mental Gym so that you know exactly where you are economically and across the rest of your life so that you don’t make flawed decisions that cost time and frustration.

Develop a crystal clear picture of exactly what you want to be true in your life three years into the future (business life + home life) so that you can methodically align your day to day habits and pull all the pieces together and finally enjoy the life you really desire.

Strategically select your Top 5 Goals so that you can achieve hyper-focus and avoid dispersing your attention and spreading yourself too thin.

Develop a system and filter to help you invest more time with your best money-making relationships who will help you produce stronger economic results.

Upgrade your mindset so that you can stop being your own worst enemy and instead, envision and execute a much bigger future.

Learn and master The PortableCOACH so that you can implement an aggressive 90 day game plan, start attacking your goals right away, and seeing tangible results sooner than you would have expected.

YES! You Can Out-Perform Your Previous Best!



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