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Are You Leaving Your Success To Chance?

You don’t have to wing it when it comes to your personal and professional development.

Too many people expect success to “just happen.”

In fact, fewer than 1% of Americans have clear-cut, measurable goals.

Instead, too many people are just winging it, gambling that their hopes and dreams will come true because they are working hard.

Without clear goals and a dependable system to follow, good intentions and hard work only lead to lost time and needless frustration.

Imagine All You Could Accomplish With A Proven System That Keeps You Focused On Getting Results

We Love to See Our Clients Win!

If you have a feeling inside you that there is more for you in life than what you are now; you have a feeling that there is more for you than what your have and are doing now, you are right. SuperFOCUS will help, as it has done and is doing for me, clarify and change your life. If I had to pick only one thing that it has done for me in the first 30 days is that it has helped me focus on First things First. Sounds simple … Do it. 

Todd T.

The SuperFOCUS Program infuses you with positive, productive goals and thinking to move you, your family and your business from anywhere you may be today, to purposefully achieving excellence in all you do tomorrow and throughout your future.

George S.

The SuperFOCUS program has forced me to think about what is most important in all areas of my life and how do I get better in those areas. I am trying to play to my strengths as much as possible and remove the clutter that bogs me down. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to focus on what is most important in their lives and be a super achiever.

Boynton S.

In our daily lives there are so many distractions that can chip away at our productivity. Having a process such as SuperFOCUS helps keep me on the right track every day. The increased focus upon my goals equips me with the ability to identify what truly is a priority versus what is a distraction.

Matt M.

Do You Have Goals Similar To These?…

  • To produce greater income?
  • A stronger, more connected marriage?
  • A deeper walk with God?
  • To simplify and declutter?
  • To save, invest and give at a higher level?
  • To develop influence with your kids?
  • To be more lean, fit and energetic?
  • More margin to take care of yourself?

You Can Reach These Goals Faster – We Can Help!

Your Personal Goal Machine!

The SuperFOCUS program meets you where you are and becomes your system for goal acceleration. Whether you’re at a low point or a high point, we can help you get to the next level… and much sooner than you might expect. 

We put this program together so you’ll have an easy and convenient way to tap into Tommy’s three decades of coaching fast-growth entrepreneurs and seasoned business leaders alike… not just on the professional side of life but across the whole of life.

Imagine All You Could Accomplish With A Proven System That Keeps You Focused On Getting Results

  • Substantial Net Worth Gains
  • Closer & Stronger Marriage
  • Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Greater Margin for Rejuvenation
  • Full Engagement & Influence with the Kids
  • Confidence to Set Bigger Goals

What’s included:

  • Over two hours of timely content each month so you are continuously motivated to reach your goals and experience greater achievements.
  • Tommy’s best coaching drills and exercises designed to enhance you thinking so that you build momentum toward a bigger future.
  • Instant access to Maximize your Morning, the 40 Day Joy Challenge and other bonuses so that you stay immersed in Positive Mental Nutrition and counteract a negative and often mediocre culture.
  • 24/7 Access to coaching replays so learning is convenient so that you stick with it and follow through

Your Virtual Coach & Mentor

In SuperFOCUS Online, entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author Tommy Newberry becomes your virtual coach and mentor. His field-tested, focusing process has been refined through The 1% Club for over three decades benefitting more than 1000 entrepreneurs and business leaders…along with their families.

Now, for the first time, you can benefit (for a fraction of the price) the same life-changing concepts and break-through strategies that Tommy’s clientele have paid thousands and thousands of dollars to gain through one-one-one and group coaching since 1991.

Most importantly, coaching from a Christian worldview, you can depend on Tommy to be your trusted source for personal and professional development. No fads, gimmicks, group hugs, or political correctness, just the blunt truth of what really works and how to make it happen.

Monthly LIVE Coaching With Tommy Newberry
Join Tommy every month for two hours of life-changing, high performance coaching.

You’ll make new distinctions, develop better strategies, and ingrain productive habits so that you stay focused, confident, joyful, and optimized in every area of life.

Each month Tommy shares new insights, challenges your thinking with exclusive focusing tools,  answers questions, helps you overcome adversity, and much more ONLY for this community.

Just like world-class athletes rely on great coaches to provide feedback, push them to exceed their goals, and hold them accountable to the highest standards, YOU too need and deserve a coach that helps you reach full potential.

Month after month, with Tommy as your coach, you’ll have that critical edge both in the marketplace and at home.

YES! You Can Out-Perform Your Previous Best!



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